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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

SLI on Radio 4 with Dorothy Bishop

Wonderful programme on the The Life Scientific with Dorothy Bishop

Just a fantastic description of the research into Specific Language Impairment and all of Dorothy's work. Follow the blog!

 Dorothy Bishop Dorothy Bishop Blog

After struggling away in the dark, it's so wonderful when someone switches a light on!

Transitioning to Secondary part 2

So we have had a meeting, the year 5 parents of kids with SEN and the LA. They seem very accomodating and I hope it all pans out because I'm really looking for getting SLT at the local school, which would be brilliant. I hope the right support will be there.

But my experience is that of a child who has progressed enormously, not every child will and with potentially 2 children in every classroom with an SLI, surely it is time to consider how many children in secondary school are getting the support they need. What is the impact on adults and our society of not address language needs?