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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Why it takes a year to write a blog

I joined a facebook group a while back, to finally have some support and meet other parent's whose children had SLI. I thought this would help others, as I often feel the information you get should be shared and I hope I can help others.  However it, like so many other groups, became more about politics than support, became more about terminology than anything else and I had to leave.  It feels sad when this happens, when the 'support' you're supposed to get from others turns negative, so it put me off blogging. Who's to say what I say helps? I don't know, so with that in mind I will share my personal experience and if that is a ripple, if that resonates then I'm happy. 

Why it takes an hour to boil an egg.

For breakfast you want egg
You say ‘e’ and stand hands together in prayer
Around the ‘o’ to show

‘What kind of egg?’ I ask
Scrambled, fried, boiled, poached?
I mime, you nod. I repeat with whisking whirring palm.
You nod.

And when egg arrives
Golden whisked with love
Gleaming like a fluffy snowfall
You cry

You scream
And tears and fists fly out
I try to calm with anti-intuitive whispers
In the roar of a storm

We make signs to each other
Hands throwing shapes
Ravers bouncing against
Walls of misunderstanding
Please let this be it
Hands in prayer around an O

Tears dry as the new egg arrives
It is boiled egg that is normal egg
And another attempt at communication
Begins with a hug.

 Rae Sambrooks 2016