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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

More awareness needed

The reason I started this blog was to raise awareness of SLI and it was interesting to see an article about this on Huffington Post  this week which I think I have posted previously #SLI 
and this tweet from ABSALT Clinic: 

 Nov 23
Have you ever heard of Specific Language Impairment? It's more common than Autism!

This prompted a twitter conversation with ABSALT Clinic who are a private speech and language clinic in Northern Ireland who were brilliant in covering some of my most asked questions, I'm posting the conversation below: 

Me: As a parent of kid with SLI I know it is more common than Autism but most parents I meet have kids w/ASD and few with SLI - why do you think this is?

ABSALT Clinic: Severe SLI may be more obvious but not always understood. Awareness & recognition of SLI is improving in schools, Also, is there an acceptance that in a class of 30 some childen will struggle & so their difficulties are not flagged?

Me: my daughter was severely affected but expect a lesser problem with SLI could be seen as general slow development/behaviour problem

ABSALT Clinic: and are crucial in identifying . Also, many cannot go down the private route for support

Me: and I couldn't afford actual slt only initial assessment
ABSALT Clinic: Yes, I see firsthand the burden it is for many parents who come for private SLT. Sometimes it's the only way to get access. Our SLT colleagues in the community services are slammed & being asked to do more with less & are under huge pressure too
Thanks to ABSALT Clinic for answering my questions.

What more can we do to raise awareness and campaign for better SLT?

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